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Anyone carrying on business activity which can be demonstrated with a certificate from the competent chamber of commerce can ask to join the business / industrial tariff. Applications must be submitted hard copy to EYATH’s offices (127 Egnatia St., 6th floor, tel. 2310 966 665). How to remain under this tariff: If the necessary paperwork isn’t updated – approved in the first quarter of every year, the special tariff will automatically cease to apply.

Industrial Application

Business Application

Large families (with 4 or more children) only pay 50% of their consumption in each 4-month period. Customers who are 80% disabled or more get a 50% discount on their bills. The conditions for joining the social tariff scheme and remaining in it are outlined below: You will need to submit a disability certificate from a Disability Certification Centre. The person joining the scheme must be the billpayer at that property or if a dependent, a certificate from the tax office must be submitted showing that he/she is a dependent of the billpayer at that property and in the first quarter of every year you will need to submit a family status certificate. It is essential to get the relevant paperwork renewed each year by the competent body in order to remain in the scheme.

Water used in the 25,000 or so communal taps in buildings within EYATH S.A.’s remit were charged a fixed rate of € 1.06/m3 throughout the entire 2007-2011 period, irrespective of consumption levels, plus the applicable sewerage charges each year calculated as a percentage of the cost of water.

Make sure that the billpayer is the actual user. Otherwise the accumulated debts are payable by the owners of the properties.
Under the EYATH Water Intake Regulation, if ownership of a property is transferred, the new owner must pay any previous debts for water bills for the property connected to the network, if the water supply to it has been turned off.



EYATH is open to the public at its head offices at 127 Egnatia St., at its offices at 98 Tsimiski St. (only in relation to sewerage issues) and at its branch at 26th Oktovriou 26 in the Court of Justice area of the city.

Bills can be paid:

At the company’s head offices at 127 Egnatia St. and at its branch at 26th Oktovriou 26 in the Court of Justice area of the city.
At the 150 Masoutis supermarkets (Diamantis Masoutis S.A.) in the prefecture of Thessaloniki and nearby prefectures of Halkidiki, Pieria, Imathia, Pella and Kilkis at no additional cost.
At more than 50 Hellenic Post offices and agencies in the Greater Thessaloniki Area and at any Hellenic Post office nationwide.
At authorised OPAP agencies which are members of the Hellenic Association of Professional Lottery Agents (SEPPP) displaying the SEPPP logo (who can register payments online, issue receipts and update EYATH online that payment has been made) (Western suburbs, Centre, Eastern suburbs)
By direct debit from any bank or at bank cashier desks by debiting the money from a bank account.
Online via the EYATH website or any bank web banking service.

You can receive electronically your bill by a written application at our central offices (127 Egnatia str.), 6th floor, Protocol dept., or by sending an e-mail with your inquiry and your personal info at info@eyath.gr or protokollo@eyath.gr

Where can I pay my bill?