The Company

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are cutting-edge technology used worldwide to manage water supply and sewerage networks. They are tools for processing, organising, distributing and combining large volumes of information, which can also provide spatial maps and models of the relevant data. GIS are a strategic planning and decision-making tool for the enterprise overall and for management in particular, which are particularly useful for future plans for water supply and sewerage networks.

Using GIS at EYATH S.A. alongside other technologies such as SCADA and GPS has enabled the company to automate its technical services, improve the quality of services provided, reduce the time needed to implement measures, provide an up-to-date, comprehensive picture of network operations, reduce response times in emergencies and for customer requests and reduce the company’s operating expenses.

Having monitored international developments in the field of water resource management and the necessity of remaining competitive, EYATH S.A. early on (back in 1998) realised the importance of this specific type of technology. Today it has extensive know-how and staff who are highly experienced with GIS technology and EYATH S.A. has managed to integrate it into its daily water supply and sewerage operations in real and business terms.

The GIS Bureau is responsible for maintaining, updating and providing the background map for water supply and sewerage networks in-house and outside the company, to meet a diverse range of day-to-day needs. To ensure more effective, secure and faster operations the Bureau is constantly adopting cutting-edge technologies from the GIS sector such as relational databases (RDBMS), multi user environments (ArcSDE) and internet map servers (ArcGIS Server).