The Company
Mobile infrastructure

EYATH S.A. has a fleet of multipurpose vehicles at its disposal which the company’s Transportation Management Office is responsible for overseeing.

The fleet is used to transport staff; oversee, maintain and repair water supply and sewerage pumping stations; oversee, maintain and repair the water supply and sewerage networks; carry out random checks on drinking water and random checks on wastewater and industrial waste; and to oversee operations at the Refinery and biological treatment plants. The fleet is comprised of coaches for transporting staff, trucks, a crane truck and an excavator.

EYATH S.A. also has vehicles that carry equipment to unblock sewerage pipes, suction tanker trucks employed to clean pipes and grates, as well as 2 cutting-edge tanker trucks used to unblock and clean pipes which ensure recycling and re-use of the wastewater extracted.

The company also has 3 suction tanker trucks on loan to municipalities in the Greater Thessaloniki Area which are used on manholes within their remit, to help better manage flood protection projects in those areas.

EYATH also has a specially retrofitted van used to video the insides of sewerage pipes. The fleet also includes trucks used to carry aggregates, the staff of water supply and sewerage work crews and a specially retrofitted truck that works on the central sewerage pipeline.