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Pricing policy

Anyone carrying on business activity which can be demonstrated with a certificate from the competent chamber of commerce can ask to join the business / industrial tariff. Applications must be submitted hard copy to EYATH’s offices (127 Egnatia St., 6th floor, tel. 2310 966 665). How to remain under this tariff: If the necessary paperwork isn’t updated – approved in the first quarter of every year, the special tariff will automatically cease to apply.

Industrial Application

Business Application

Make sure that the billpayer is the actual user. Otherwise the accumulated debts are payable by the owners of the properties.
Under the EYATH Water Intake Regulation, if ownership of a property is transferred, the new owner must pay any previous debts for water bills for the property connected to the network, if the water supply to it has been turned off.



Up to 2001 the company’s pricing policy did not reflect the cost-benefit rule for the services provided by the former companies OYTH and OATH, nor did prices reflect the laws of supply and demand. Before the company was listed on ATHEX in 2001, a new pricing policy was adopted in line with the provisions of Law 2937/2001 which took into account the company’s operating costs and the investment plans it was implementing.

Article 21 of Law 2937/2001 states that in all subsequent 5-year periods EYATH is obliged to decide on the water supply – sewerage pricing mechanism and obtain final approval from the competent ministers. EYATH S.A.’s Board of Directors Decision No. 517/2006 approved the new pricing policy for the 5-year period 2007-2011 which was approved by Joint Ministerial Decision No. 11741/29.12.2006 of the Ministers of Economy & Finance and Macedonia – Thrace (Government Gazette 202/B/16.2.2007, subsequently republished in Government Gazette 3450/B/27.12.2012).

  1. Household tariff – Social tariff
  2. Other consumer categories
  3. Sewer charges
  4. Fixed charges
  5. Water meter maintenance and replacement charges

1. Household tariff – Social tariff

 Prices in €/m3
4-month consumption scale2012
2013 -2016
0-10 m30,450,46
11-30 m30,62
31-60 m30,710,72
61-120 m31,151,16
121-180 m32,392,39
181 m3 και άνω4,034,03

Large families (with 4 or more children) only pay 60% of their consumption in each 4-month period.

Since 1.1.2014, EYATH S.A. has offered a social household tariff which offers a 50% discount to safeguard vulnerable groups, and in particular people with 3 or more children, the elderly, individuals on low incomes or the long-term unemployed.

The discount relates to:

  • Families with 3 dependent children, whose total annual family income is € 17,000 or below.
  • The elderly (over 75 years old) who live alone (not as guests of others) whose total annual income is € 8,000 or below, and whose consumption does not exceed 30 m3 in any 4-month period.
  • The long-term unemployed or individuals with a low income with a total annual income of € 8,000 or below, augmented by € 3,000 for each of the first two dependent children.
The social tariff will apply until the end of 2015. Anyone interested in joining the scheme (who must have a water bill in their name) or their authorised representatives must submit an application form along with the necessary supporting documents (statement of income payable, E1 tax form and a certificate from the Hellenic Manpower Employment Agency for unemployed persons) to the Company’s central offices (Protocol Office, 6th floor, 127 Egnatia St.).
This information from the tax authorities must be accompanied by a solemn declaration prepared in accordance with Article 8 of Law 1599/1986 from the applicant. A Citizens Service Centre must attest the accuracy of the information declared.

2. Other consumer categories

CategoryPrices 2013 - 2016 (€/m3)
Communal taps in apartment buildings1,06
Business users0,81
0-500 m3/month
Industries 501m3 and over0,81
Public sector – local government authorities (from € 0.44)0,65
Aid for local government networks which are not EYATH’s customers0,35
Hellenic Petroleum S.A. (under a 20-year contract)0,60
Thessaloniki Port Authority (from € 0.88)1,00

Prices for communal supply to the public sector, local government authorities and Thessaloniki Port Authority supplies will remain fixed during the entire period 2007-2013, in line with the general average price per m3 for all other categories of consumers.

3. Sewer charges

These charges are calculated on the total price of water, starting at 60% of the rate in 2006 and adjusted as follows to 2013:

Percentage60%64% 68% 72% 76% 76%  76% 80%


4. Fixed charges

The fixed charges imposed depending on the cross-section of the supply pipe are adjusted by 4% every year as shown in the table below:

   Year (in €)
water pipe (cross-section)Fixed charge per2013 until today

Φ13 & Φ20

(½' & ¾΄)

4-month period8,00

Φ25 (1΄)

4-month period20,00
Φ30 (1 ¼΄)month8,00
4-month period32,00
Φ40 (1 ½΄)month10,00
4-month period40,00
Φ50 (2΄)month15,00
4-month period60,00
Φ80 (3 ¼΄)month25,00
4-month period100,00

Φ100 - Φ200

(4΄ & άνω)

4-month period160,00

The fixed charges for ½ & ¾ inch pipes (which are the most common type of pipes in households) are doubled for consumption rates over 40m3 in any 4-month period.

5. Water meter maintenance and replacement charges*

These charges specified in Article 28 of EYATH’s Water Intake Regulation are set based on price for household tariff scale 1 for 2007-2011, multiplied by the number of m3 of water consumed which depends on the cross-section of each supply pipe.

Households with ½ inch pipes (which account for around 99% of all the company’s customers) are charged for 2 m3 of water a month times the price in scale 1. So over the 4-month billing period they are charged for 8 m3.

Water meter maintenance and replacement charges2.963.12
3.28 3.44


* Water meter maintenance and replacement charges were included in fixed charges from 2012 onwards. From 2012 onwards, no fixed charges apply to the first 10m3.