The Company
Mission - Strategy

Having developed business and investment plans, the company now seeks to grow and transform itself into a robust source of know-how and entrepreneurial skills for the wider area.

It seeks to improve the services offered, safeguard the supply of top quality drinking water, improve its financials and more effectively safeguard the environment.

The main pillars of EYATH S.A.’s business development rest on:

  • Offering clean water round the clock to homes and businesses. EYATH has made it an immediate priority to gradually replace old pipes to improve water quality, reduce losses and minimise interruptions in water supply.
  • Zero pollution of the Thermaikos Bay which is where the output of local biological treatment plants ends up, with clean, treated water being pumped into that body of water from our facilities.
  • Beneficial environmental and social management of wastewater. Use of wastewater as a fertiliser has emerged as one of the most appropriate solutions.
  • Supplying the biogas production facility located at the Sindos Biological Treatment Plant with wastewater, and utilising the heat-generating potential wastewater has to offer.
  • Re-using treated wastewater to irrigate crops in areas close to the Sindos Biological Treatment Plant.
  • Developing a network of superfast fibre optics across the top of the existing sewerage network to offer new generation telecom services.
  • Fully automating all company operations by utilising cutting-edge technologies.